The Management COmpany is an advisory company, offering its clients a portfolio of services aimed at solving a large set of management problem areas. Most often a company does not have the right competences in house, or does not wish to ask its own staff to tackle certain issues.

TMCO.be has been established in 2005 by Jan Van Hyfte. Since that time, it has served an impressive portfolio of clients, and realized an impressive list of successful missions.

Jan Van Hyfte has over 25 years of experience in a very wide set of companies and company cultures. Supported by a large active network TMCO.be can guarantee a successful service, transition and/or transformation.

TMCO.be can rely on a rich set of methodologies, without lossing focus on people and organisation.


The Management COmpany offers a wide set of services: Interim and/or crisismanagement, program and/or projectmanagement, service management, auditing services, coaching, training, …

Change is involved in most of these missions. TMCO.be can rely on an extensive experience with change management; Jan Van Hyfte has an ADKAR© certification.

In addition, we have recently delivered quite some projects in which we have introduced agile and/or lean principles at our clients.

The Management COmpany guarantees a smooth service: We enter your environment in a quick, calm and efficient way so as to detect burning areas within a very short time frame, and propose, implement and check solutions in an efficient manner. No-nonsense is our name.


TMCO.be has served an impressive set of customers since its start in 2005.

We have experience delivering services in small and/or local companies, as well as in large and/or multinational environments..

We can rely on a very extended sector experience: utilities, telecom, logistics, media, professional services, finance, etc.

If needed, we can extend our service portfolio supported by our very large and rich network of companies offering services for which we still miss the right expertise..


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